Empowering Communities through Education

Why Mentoring?

Getting into the college of your dreams is only the first step; in college there will be many challenges and hurdles that can be tough to deal with on your own. Questions range from the mundane, such as "What classes should I take?" to the life-changing, such as "How can I get an internship?" or "What should my major be?" Our team of volunteers have successfully navigated the waters of college and the job-searching process. Let us help you do the same!

What Mentoring entails:

Mentoring can be as low-key or involved as you and your mentor want! All of our students who graduate from our SAT and College Admissions program automatically qualify for mentorship with one of our volunteers. Typically, this involves a simple process of regularly keeping in touch with your mentor, which will be especially helpful when specific questions or difficult decisions arise. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you emerge from your higher education experience enriched and employed; we measure our success as mentors through your success and graduation from college or university

Interested Students:

Interested students should begin by signing up online to indicate your interest in mentoring services. Please also feel free to send an email to: info@reach-higher.org with questions or comments. If you are a high school or current college student, and need guidance or advice, take the next step now!

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