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The SAT Program Goal: Improve your score by 300 points!

Our SAT Program includes:

Why Choose Reach-Higher?

Our SAT program is on par with any "for-profit" program in the business, because it was developed by instructors with extensive experience teaching and taking the SAT. Here are some more reasons why we're the best:

Who is eligible?

Due to the immense resources we dedicate to our SAT program, our class size is capped at 10-15 students per class. Eligible students must:

All of the students accepted into our SAT Program are automatically eligible for our College Admissions Counseling and Collegiate Mentoring Services. Although we try to offer some one-on-one tutoring alternatives to those applicants who are unable to attend a program, and we strive to help as many interested students as possible, it is oftentimes impossible to do so. All applicants are encouraged to keep in touch with us for informal guidance and advice

*Please be aware that, by contacting us and starting the application process, you agree to provide proof, if requested, of your financial eligibility.

Interested Students:

Interested students should begin by signing up now! In addition, students should feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns at info@reach-higher.org.

WInter-Session Classes:
Dates: TBA: Early January
Times: TBA
Instructor: Neil Assur/Sam Braxton


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