Empowering Communities through Education

Nothing is Impossible

We are a special group of people, bound together by the common belief that nothing is impossible. Nobody on our team is paid or salaried, and everything we do, from the teaching of our programs and classes, to the construction of this website, is realized through the efforts of our volunteers. We are motivated by the idea that it takes a community effort to make education work, and we are always eager to have like-minded people join our team and make a difference. Although we are still in the process of recieving 501c3 accredidation, we can definitively say that any contribution of time or money made to our program goes directly to empowering the students and communites that we serve.

What we Offer

We offer invaluable services and programs to communities and students. While its impossible to quantify the value of the educational services we provide, we can certainly tell you that our programs cost money and, perhaps more importantly, rely on the generous donation of time from very skilled professionals. As we continue to execute our mission to serve the communities around us, please consider making a contribution to our cause!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Reguli Granger

Although Reguli works as a consulting professional during the day, she has made major contributions to our program during her free time. As a 2012 MIT graduate, Reguli has been a resident and member of the Boston community for 5 years. Reguli helps Reach-Higher by tutoring, teaching, and serving as a collegiate mentor. Moreover, Reguli is a key member of our executive team and has helped us grow our organization by reaching out to libraries and schools throughout Boston and Cambridge.