Empowering Communities through Education


The concept behind Reach-Higher originated in 2011 with a group of business professionals, who also happened have extensive tutoring experience working with 'for-profit' tutoring institutions. Each of the partners had rewarding experiences working to provide low-income students with free tutoring, which led to our initial concept. In theory, the idea was simple: extend the myriad learning opportunities, usually available only to the most privileged students, to everyone. In practice, however, it took until late 2012 to obtain enough momentum for the organization to finally take off.

Our Background

The founders and volunteer tutors at Reach higher are all graduates of top universities with extensive tutoring and professional experience. While we were founded by business professionals, we are also a community organization dedicated to delivering programs and services that encompass all areas of knowledge and accept individuals of all backgrounds. In particular, this means that we have worked hard to try and involve academics, community organizers, educators, and individuals of other professions into our organization, and will continue to make this a priority.

Our Belief in the Power of Education

Education is an important part of who we are. It has the capability to uplift and advance all those fortunate enough to possess it, and is the bedrock of an open society. More importantly, education is also a catalyst for social mobility. Quite simply, it has the power to transform not only individuals, but communities as well. Our belief is that the opportunity to obtain such a gift should be bestowed upon everyone in society, and its powers need to be valued accordingly.

One thing we have come to realize, as we took the initial steps of launching this organization, is that many successful individuals view teaching and community service as immensely rewarding. In fact, a new study, finds that most individuals find their greatest reward in life comes through giving back to others. We are here to harness this very natural, inherent power of people and community to transform our educational system, our communities, and, ultimately, our society.