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The College Admissions Advising Goal: Get you into the School of your Dreams!

A recent article in the New York Times indicates that many low income students of immense talent fail to even apply to the best colleges and universities. The truth is, you CAN achieve the goal of higher education, and, with the right credentials and guidance, attend even the most elite institutions. Let us help you maximize your shot of getting into the school of your dreams through our College Admissions Counseling program.

Why Work with us?

Our College Admissions Advising Program includes:

We work to structure the College Admissions process on a largely one-on-one basis. Most of the work is done in small group settings, through the phone, or through e-mails. All of our college admissions coaches have experience with the application process, and have attended a very competitive school with stringent application requirements. Finally, our college coaches are recent grads themselves, and understand what it takes to craft a perfect application.

Who is eligible?

Eligible students must:

Although we strive to help as many interested students as possible, it is sometimes impossible to do so. All applicants are encouraged to keep in touch with us for informal guidance and advice

*Please be aware that, by contacting us and starting the application process, you agree to provide proof, if requested, of your financial eligibility.

Interested Students:

Interested students should begin by signing up now! In addition, students should feel free to contact us with questions, comments, or concerns at