Empowering Communities through Education

What we're looking for:

We are looking for people of all backgrounds to help us improve our services, spread our philosophy, and grow our business. Whether you are an educator looking to partner with us, an academic looking to help others, or a business professional who wants a rewarding experience working to grow our business, we have opportunities that are fun, stimulating, and ultimately make a difference in the lives of others.

Why We Are Different

We are NOT your ordinary community-oriented Non-Profit. Our management team is largely composed of young, ambitious, and eager business professionals who are driven by the idea that, together, we WILL make a difference. Our organization reflects these characteristics of our leadership team. We are an active organization that is run like a business, and, like any ambitious, succesful business, we know we need the right talent to succeed.

Before starting Reach-Higher, our founding partners spent hours reaching out to other non-profits and school officials to try to find ways to contribute. We were motivated by the idea that volunteering should be more than just a generic, "check-the-box" activity: it should take advantage of the uniuque backgrunds, skills, and abilities of the volunteer. Unfortunately, our efforts were futile; not one institution was active enough to even respond to us, despite our immense past tutoring and instructing experience. We decided a change was needed, and the rest is history.

At Reach-Higher, we DEFINE OURSELVES by rejecting complacency. Our volunteers are given large amounts of autonomy and responsiblity, and have the very real opportunity to SEE the results of their work in action. We know YOU are unique, and we make every effort to consider and utilize your background when planning and organizing our volunteering activities. If you are sick of the normal "show up and do something" volunteering activity, and want something impact-oriented and individually driven, contact us today: YOU are the type of person we are looking for!

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