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Our Emphasis on Technology

Over the last two decades, our society has been transformed by the emergence of new technologies. Several of the world's largest companies, such as Google, Apple, and Amazon, all rely on our highly connected and highly computerized world as a core part of their business. Today, a basic understanding of computing and technology is not optional, especially in business. Understanding the immense functionality of the latest technologies is an important part of leveraging its potential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our society and the way we work. More importantly, we firmly believe that technological knowlege will only become more necessary and important in the future.

Business Skills

Today, being successful in business includes being well versed in the latest technologies. This is why our courses emphasize the use of technologies from a functional perspective. For example, have you ever wondered:

Let us help you! Our team of volunteer business professionals utilize and teach the capabilities of these immensely powerful tools everyday.

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