Empowering Communities through Education

" It Takes a Village to Raise a Child "

We believe that a proper education is one of the most valuable assets in today’ world. However, we also feel that a proper education involves the work of a whole community, not just schools and teachers. We are an organization dedicated to mobilizing, uplifting, and advancing communities through education.

In particular, we offer several services, available for FREE to eligible members of the community. For current students, we offer free tutoring services, including an SAT, SAT II, College Admissions Advising, and College Mentoring program that we believe is equal in quality to any commercial "for-profit" program. In addition, we periodically host classes and seminars in technology-based "hard-skills," including Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. Finally, we are available to offer free ad-hoc programs, such as mock interview, resume-review, and writing workshops to members of the community