Empowering Communities through Education

Our Mission

The Reach-Higher Organization is a non-profit, non-partisan initiative, whose mission is to empower our students and communities, within the Boston Metropolitan Area, through an emphasis on educational advancement. We do this by providing free supplementary educational opportunities to those who would otherwise be unable to obtain such opportunities on their own.

Our focus is to provide superior resources for educational and professional advancement to underpriveleged members of the Boston community, who are typically denied access to such services. Our classes, seminars, and programs are taught by productive and experienced members of Boston’s academic or professional community. We envision fostering this partnership, between individuals of varying backgrounds into a lasting, reciprocal relationship that will uplift and empower our city to achieve greater standards of educational progress and achievement.

Specifically, we place great emphasis on two very essential elements of today’s society: technology, and higher education. Higher education is extremely crucial from both a philosophical and a practical perspective: it is both an engine for higher thinking, and a qualification that is increasingly valued in the modern workforce. In this vein, we are dedicated to providing resources that will ultimately lead to increased attendance of, and graduation from, institutions of higher learning. Technological proficiency and capability is also becoming progressively more important to both business professionals and academics. Our objective is to ensure that motivated individuals of all ages and means have an accessible way to better themselves through the medium of technological knowledge.

Our goal is to create an organization that will prove that our communities can be empowered and uplifted through a communal effort to improve education. We believe that such success is achievable, sustainable, and necessary.

Aim High, Reach Higher.

What We Believe Our Philosophy!